Lena Peled
dancer & dance teacher

Dancing all her life in different framework. Danced in Vertigo school & company, there she was introduced to contact improvisation. Since 15 years practicing & teaching contact improvisation in Israel and abroad. In the last 6 years practicing & researching the technique of Orly Portal. Teaching CI and contemporary dance with focus on release technique and floor work. Also she is a therapist using the tools of Bach flowers, reflexology & movement.

Dance and movement are my life style. Happy for every opportunity to dance, meet, teach and accompany people in this wide world of movement. Teaching is my favorite way to approach movement, fascinated to be witnessing people while discovering movement.

About the classes:

The wonderful dance of earth & air: a recipe for courage and freedom.

The deeper my own body meets the floor and understands how to work with it, the safer I feel working with another body in flight.

The security gained in the air, arrives with the ability to land and soften into the floor safely and with ease.

It's just like that; when the ground is stable, you can have courage to fall.

When you can meet the floor with friendliness and softness, you can rise out of it without knowing or grasping at how it will all unravel.

Developing a sense of security within my own body is the base for freedom, courage and flight. This is my understanding at the moment.

The support of meeting another body comes from the ground. the floor. the earth. Through searching the ground beneath my partner, connecting through their skeleton, rooting through my own bones, I can find the ground in the air around me as well.

When there is a clear anchor in the earth, you can find it in the air as well.

We will deepen into the floor through the floor, and from the floor in ways that inspire ease of motion. We will emphasize the way the understanding of how the skeleton can be used to move efficiently and smoothly. Throughout, we will practice light acrobatics as a way to develop courage in our dance. I invite you on a journey of self discovery with the floor as vehicle of meeting yourself and others.

The floor is always there to meet you : it is the best reliable supporting partner! This is a relationship worth investing in!

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