Julia Egorova
Dance and movement teacher

In her classes Julia is inviting everyone to join the journey of exploration of what is possible. On this journey we will be trying to find our individual and common recipes of movement by blurring the borders between different movement techniques and dance styles.

The main ingredients of the classes are her knowledge of contemporary and street dance, Fighting Monkey practice, and the inspiration from each participant of the process.

With the help of various improvisation tasks, interaction with a partner, different movement games, rhythm and coordinations, using various objects and exploring the connections between physics and imagination we will be looking for answers to the questions:
“What if?” and “What else is possible?”. This is an endless process in which we try, ask, doubt, fall (down, but up).

Yet the main ingredient that she wants to share with each participant of her classes is the deep interest and curiosity to the body and movement.


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